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About Us

Not for profit organisation set up to offer initial aid and support to families of missing persons in Lagos, Nigeria.

On April 3rd, 2009, Temitope Owolabi-Ariye, together with their children, Adeola and Olabode, waved goodbye to their husband and Dad, Remi Owolabi-Ariye, a dedicated and loyal staff of Grilmadi Shipping Company in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Not to anyone of them did it occur that that would be the last time, they would all be together as a complete family. As fate would have it, on his way from the office on that day, at about 09:05pm, he stopped by a supermarket just 3 streets away from his house to get groceries for the home, when four armed men on two motor bikes, popularly called “Okada” rode up to the supermarket, shot into the air, entered it, forced him out and bundled him back to the car he was driving. Two of them entered the car with him with one behind the wheel and drove off to the unknown. The other two rode off on the motor bikes.

Thirteen years have gone by and there has not been a trace of a loving and remarkable man, then 37 years old. His family has searched high and low, gone where men feared and all to no avail.

 Not a day goes by that close family members, especially his wife, children and siblings, do not remember him and wonder “…what ever happened to my husband?; will I not ever see my Dad again?; Oh for a chance to see my brother, one more time!

 As helpful as the different law enforcement agencies were in their efforts to assist the family, especially at the initial stage of Remi’s disappearance, there were constraints. Financial and logistics.

Today, siblings of Remi Owolabi-Ariye have launched a Not for Profit Foundation in his name, in the hope that no family will experience what they did and with your help and support, this can be a reality.

Mission Statement

1. To offer initial aid and support in the form of emotional and psychological counselling and needed assistance to the immediate families of missing persons and victims of associated trauma and distress in Nigeria.

2. To guide, liaise and assist the immediate families of missing persons on how to productively engage the law enforcement agencies to publicize, enquire, investigate and procure useful information towards the possible whereabouts or discovery of missing persons in Nigeria.

3. To render immediate financial assistance towards medical, social, physical, financial, educational, vocational and career development support to the immediate families of missing persons and victims of associated trauma and distress in Nigeria.

4. To provide continuing avenues to encourage, inspire and guide the immediate families of missing persons and victims of associated trauma and distress to be able to manage this loss as they strive to achieve their life goals. 

5. To collaborate with and render support to persons or bodies in the pursuits of similar objects.

Meet The Team

Folasade Obasohan

Grand Matron (GM)

James Adenuga


Adejumoke Adenuga

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Debola Owoniyi

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Olayinka Obafisoye 

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Henry Owolabi-Ariye

Chief Liaison Officer (CLO)

Adewale Owolabi-Ariye

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)